Health Benefits of L-Theanine – Caffeine’s Partner

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Theanine is an Amino Acid

Theanine is an amino acid.

To learn more about amino acids, check out What Are Amino Acids?

Usually, an amino acid is what is left after we break down proteins. When someone says “protein”, most people think of meat, fish or eggs. However, proteins find many forms and there are between 80,000 and 400,000 in the human body.

In the case of Theanine, it is a non-protein amino acid.

This means Theanine is not naturally found in any of the protein chains of any organism. There have been over 900 non-protein amino acids discovered, mostly in fungi, algae and plants.

Theanine is only found in two places: the tea plant and the Bay Bolete mushroom.

Theanine in the Bay Bolete mushroom

Boletus badius or the Bay Bolete mushroom; One source of Theanine.


If you have seen the movie, Limitless, with Bradley Cooper, you have seen an exaggerated version of what nootropics can do for you.

Nootropics are a classification of drugs or supplements that can provide a person with the following improvements or enhancements:

  • cognitive function
  • memory
  • creativity
  • motivation
  • focus

This allows for people to mentally perform their best.

The movie demonstrated a “super-nootropic” that doesn’t actually exist, but there are substances that provide the same benefits in smaller amounts.

Theanine is known to be one of these substances. In the nootropic world, Theanine is known for producing alpha waves (what some believe triggers hypnosis and meditation), giving you wakeful relaxation. That means your focus and creativity are dramatically improved.

The chemical explanation is that Theanine helps to raise the natural levels of GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), which reduces activity in the nervous system. This gives you “calm“. It also raises the levels of serotonin, known for improving cognition, memory, learning and mood, and dopamine, providing motivation, memory enhancement and reward.

The Perfect Partner

Theanine, as mentioned above, counteracts the negative effects of caffeine: jitters and anxiety.

Caffeine also helps a person avoid feeling tired, which improves your reaction times and mental alertness.

Combining caffeine with Theanine provides a very powerful nootropic blend that can help you focus, remember, figure things out and feel good.

Theanine is found in tea (green, oolong, black, and white), which has a high level of caffeine.

This makes green tea an excellent natural nootropic.

All-Natural Sources of Theanine

Maybe drinking green tea is for you, maybe it’s not.

The truth is, there is a source that includes all-natural ingredients and will give you all the benefits of Theanine and Caffeine plus benefits, like:

  • weight control
  • appetite control
  • immune system support
  • daily vitamin support
  • heart health

At MetaFire Nutrition, we take pride in the purity of our products, as well as our natural ingredients, like:

  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Pomegranate Fruit
  • Echinacea
  • Garlic
  • Saw Palmetto

These are only a few of the incredible ingredients we use in our products.

For a daily source of Theanine (from Green Tea), we have both our vitamin, mineral and health support system, MetaVite, and MetaBurn Ultra, our weight loss and appetite control supplement.


Everyone needs a little help when it comes to getting proper nutrition. Let’s face it, it’s impossible to get what is needed just from your diet.

That is why we do what we do.

We want to help you be your best:

  • Full of energy
  • Perfect focus
  • Strong immune system
  • Complete nutrition

MetaVite isn’t just an ordinary multivitamin.

We have taken multivitamins a step further and included our health support blend, immune blend, and antioxidant and energy blend. We have also changed the game with our capsule form which allows for much quicker and complete absorption.


MetaBurn Ultra

MetaBurn Ultra includes five amazing ingredients that have been proven for weight control, appetite suppression and sustained energy levels.

  • Green Coffee Bean – stabilizes and optimizes metabolism
  • Raspberry Ketone – breaks down fat cells and regulates metabolism
  • Garcinia Cambogia – inhibits appetite and stops fat production
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – removes water weight
  • Green Tea – nootropic, fat burner and natural energy booster

It is perfect for anyone trying to lose a few pounds or just keep it off.

It also includes a great amount of Green Tea, so you get all the benefits of Theanine as well.

MetaBurn Ultra

If you are interested in Nootropics and what they can do for you, we have also released MetaBright!

MetaBright has a wonderfully effective combination of ingredients, including Green Tea for your infusion of Theanine, that will help you focus, remember and think.


Now that you know what Theanine can do for you, why not give it a try?

6 thoughts on “Health Benefits of L-Theanine – Caffeine’s Partner

  1. I enjoyed reading about the theanine and that it has so many health benefits. It’s interesting to know that this amino acid is only found in the bay bolete mushrooms and in the tea plants, which means we should all get this and start using it in as part of the varied diet.
    May I ask how long do we need to use it for to optimise its benefits?


    1. Hello Habib,

      Theanine and Caffeine can both be effective within 30 minutes of consumption, making them a great additive to MetaVite. Generally, we recommend taking MetaVite in the morning, which is when most people are the most productive. It is, therefore, the best time to have the benefits of Theanine (focus and energy).

      Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


  2. Very interesting! I didn’t know what Theanine was. Thanks for doing the research and writing an easy-to-understand article. When I finish my current bottles of multi-vitamin, I will give the Metafire Nutrition vitamins a try.

    1. Glenn,

      Sounds great! With all the added benefits that we have included with our MetaVite formula, you will never look back.

      Have you looked at the three added compounds that other multivitamins don’t have?
      We have explained them in detail here.

      Thanks for reading and welcome to the MetaFire Life!


  3. It is interesting to learn that Theanine in combination with caffeine can act as a nootropic. Thanks for providing the details about Theanine and its availability. Is it found in larger quantities in some types of tea than others?

    I love the all natural ingredients for both the Metavite and MetaBurn Ultra and I believe both are good products. Since Metavite is akin to a multivitamin, it will be taken once a day. How often a day should one take the MetaBurn and for how long?

    1. Hello Ceci,

      Since the tea that contains Theanine comes from the same plant (black, oolong, green, white, pu-erh), you would think that the numbers would be similar. However, green tea has shown much higher high levels than the others and black has shown the lowest low, comparatively.

      You also need to take into account that even though it started as one plant, there are two varieties that have been traditionally grown in two completely different climates: India and China. It seems the Chinese variation has higher average levels of Theanine (green and white mostly).

      Yes, MetaVite is two capsules, once a day. MetaBurn Ultra can be taken indefinitely for energy and appetite control but has incredible benefits for initial weight loss. One capsule should be taken 30 minutes before two early meals or snacks (most people don’t want energy before bed).

      Have a wonderful day and thanks for the comments and questions!


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