What is L-Glutamine For? Why Should I Take It?


The Popular Amino Acid

Glutamine is an amino acid.

If you want to know more about amino acids, read What Are Amino Acids? 

Glutamine makes up 30% of the amino acid-based nitrogen in our bodies.

We use Glutamine for more amino acid interactions than any other amino acid.

It is considered a non-essential amino acid because our bodies produce it. However, because we use it for so many things, sometimes we need more from our diet.

This makes it a “conditional” amino acid.

What is “L”?

The “L” can be dropped when talking about the amino acid itself.

“L” means that the amino acid is in “free-form” and not part of a protein. It signifies that the amino acid is the left-handed version, where D would be the mirror image or right-handed version.

Since we know humans will be consuming the amino acid, we know that it is the L version.

In any supplement that lists a free-form amino acid as an ingredient, it is always the “L” version.


The Benefits of L-Glutamine

There are a lot of benefits to getting Glutamine in our diet. The most important ones are listed below.

Glutamine Improves Energy and Exercise

Glutamine is one of the main glycogen synthesis stimulators.

Glycogen is our short-term stored energy. So, when our glycogen stores are efficiently replenished with our diet, we can go longer without feeling fatigued.

An hour of exercise (even light to moderate) can deplete enough glycogen that our Glutamine levels drop by 40%. Supplementation can give more energy and reduce fatigue from exercise.

Increased Metabolism and Fat Burn with Glutamine

Increased metabolism does not always mean more fat-burn. Better metabolism means your body is handling its energy more effectively, burning more calories from your diet and glycogen stores.

However, Glutamine triggers the production of HGH or human growth hormone. This is what allows and promotes muscle growth. The muscle that develops because of the increase in HGH burns fat as its energy source when it runs out of glucose and glycogen.

Proper Glutamine supplementation increases your HGH levels by 300% or more.

Higher HGH levels and muscle mass are the secrets to resting metabolism (burning energy without effort).

Easy Weight Loss

The HGH boost provided by Glutamine increases lean body tissue. When your body produces more lean muscle, the muscle will use fat to fuel it, creating a weight-loss cycle that takes little to no effort.

Added exercise while supplementing Glutamine will dramatically speed up this effect.

“Leaky Gut” Remedy

Leaky gut is caused by a reduction or absence of the mucous that lines your intestines. This can lead to ulcers, constipation and indigestion caused by the liquid being able to pass through the intestinal wall. Glutamine prevents the deterioration of the mucous layer and helps to reverse the effects.

MetaFire Source of Glutamine

MetaFire Nutrition knows that goals are important and have included Glutamine in our MetaBCAA.  For more information on BCAAs, click here.

MetaBCAA has all the benefits of Glutamine as well as providing energy, speeding up recovery and reducing the production of body fat with BCAAs and Vitamin B6.

Using MetaBCAA as part of your body goal plan, start out with a half scoop once or twice daily, and work your way up to a full scoop once or twice daily. Can be taken between meals to enhance energy levels throughout the day.


If you are looking for just the benefits of Glutamine, we do have our pure Glutamine supplement, MetaGlutamine!


Thank you for reading and Welcome to the MetaFire Life!

4 thoughts on “What is L-Glutamine For? Why Should I Take It?

  1. L-Glutamine is the amino acid I’ve search the most for the past couple of weeks to fix my gut issues. It’s definitely the law of attraction that now I’ve landed on your website too, and learnt about this product you are recommending. I am very grateful to read more about it, so I can make an informed choice as to which brand to go for. Thanks you for helping me. How long do I need to use it to fix my gut lining? I read somewhere that it might take a couple of months. But I just wanted you suggestion too.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks for reading Habib,

      The question of whether it will work and how long it will take depends on what is wrong and how wrong it is. We do recommend seeing a physician to receive a proper diagnosis.
      If it is what they call “leaky gut”, or increased intestinal permeability, Glutamine will definitely help, as well as probiotics (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, etc).

      Like I said, the severity will determine the length of time results will take, in this case.

      Taking MetaBCAA twice a day, it is usually quite effective within 2-3 weeks and much better after that.

      Good luck and have a great day!


  2. Thank you for providing the information in an easy-to-understand way.

    QUESTION: I’ve seen L-Glutamine for sale in powdered form, by itself. Is there any benefit to taking L-Glutamine by itself, in addition to part of a BCAA formula?

    1. Hey Glenn,

      You can safely take up to about 45 grams of Glutamine, but the results for working out are found between 2-5 g per day. For leaky gut, it is recommended to take 5+ g. So, depending on the reason for taking it, more than the amount in MetaBCAA can be taken but doesn’t necessarily need to be.

      We will be releasing our powdered Glutamine in the next few months so check back!


      Update: MetaGlutamine has been released! Get some today!

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