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Ignite your metabolism

What Is Metabolism?

Before we can really know how to manipulate and speed up your metabolism naturally, we need to know what it is.

Think of your body as a steam engine. In order to do something physically, you require energy to move your muscles. So, if the body is a steam engine, we need fuel for it to do the work.

In an old train, the fuel was coal or wood.

For our steam engine, it’s what we consume; food and drinks.

Just about everything (other than water) has a calorie count or amount of “potential” energy.

Your “steam engine” can go as far as the fuel you give it.

So, What is Fat?

Where our bodies stray from the steam engine metaphor is that we aren’t always able to burn all the fuel that we consume. A train would just keep going faster and faster and burn all the fuel.

Our mind keeps track of what we have been doing and adjusts so that we are better able to survive.

We will burn the fuel that our mind believes we can without running out. If we consume more calories than our mind thinks we need, it will set it aside and store it for later.

We prepare for possible times we won’t have food with the excess energy we consume when we have more food than we need.

Keep in mind that this is the simplified version that pertains to metabolism, and there is much deeper information we cover in our Free 5-Day Plan.

Make Goals To Fix Your Metabolism, Not “Lose Weight”

Improve metabolism

Most people that start a fitness journey get it in their head that they need to “lose weight”. The problem is that “weight” is almost never the actual problem. Fat is.

The very first thing you need to do on your journey to fitness is to completely forget about the term “losing weight”.

Your goals should be measurable and attainable, but a number of pounds should not be that goal.

Make your goal a dress size, or something similar.

Make them attainable for your body type.

Not everyone can fit into a size 0 or achieve a 24″ waist.

And that’s OK.

Once you have your goals, let’s work together to achieve them.

Ways to Speed Up Metabolism

There are “two ways” to get fit that just about everyone knows about: diet and exercise.

Most of those people run into a problem. Their picture of a diet is actually working against them.

The belief has become that the ONLY thing they have to do is eat less per day.

They think they need to deprive themselves to get what they want.

They think they need to be hungry all the time.

They’re wrong.

Let’s look back at the steam engine metaphor. If you were to stop adding coal to the furnace, how far do you think you would go?

Taking away the body’s fuel tells your mind that you are going through a period of not being able to find enough food.

Your mind flips a switch from abundance to scarcity and holds onto every eaten calorie with a death-grip to make sure you make it to your next meal without starving to death.

You will need to work ten times harder to burn very little fat.

Now you’re hungry, irritable, malnourished, and having to exercise in a way that isn’t very pleasant, causing you to feel even worse.

So, you give up.

Does this sound familiar?

The other side is finding a diet that can work, reading all the rules you have to follow, then jumping right in.

For the first few weeks, you follow every rule down to the letter. You start seeing results and you feel good, but you rationalize that “it’s OK if I have one” or “I don’t need to follow THAT rule…the diet’s already working“.

That is our conscious mind trying it’s very hardest to rationalize a situation that it doesn’t fully understand. It wants to send you back to a comfortable, “safe” place where there are no unknowns.

So, you give up.

How Do I Stick To It and Stay Fit?

The only true way to make a healthy change and stick to it is to provide yourself with new information. Really get the information deep down and make sure what you are trying to do makes complete sense, inside and out.

That’s why diets tend to not work. You start someone else’s plan and follow someone else’s rules and hope for the best.

If you don’t understand WHY you are following each rule, they will eventually be abandoned.

Before founding MetaFire Nutrition, I, Tyler Clark, was a hypnotherapist, a kitchen manager and a life coach. I battled with weight from a very young age, after going through many childhood traumas.

Food was my “safe place“.

My journey from an overweight child and teen to a 278 lb 23-year-old finally became too much.

I began a very long road to understanding exactly how the human body works when it comes to food, fat and muscle.

Learn From My 20 Years of Experience With Metabolism

I started learning to cook, and different health tips when I was very young, being lucky enough to have a very involved grandmother who is incredible at everything she does.

My mother was a good cook, but not very good at portion control. To her, men needed a heaping plate of food. A pound of bacon fed three people.

Don’t get me wrong, she was 96 lbs most of her life, and never overate…but one of the very few lessons I didn’t learn from her was moderation.

Another issue growing up was the strict “3-meal” day, designed to fit a 9-5 lifestyle and not a person’s health.

I’m sure you have a different set of circumstances that you came from, and that’s okay.

When I pass on the things I have learned, it doesn’t come from “you had to be there“. I do my very best to relate information to other things. This makes it as easy as possible for anyone to absorb the information that will change their lives.

If you are here to lose weight, check out MetaFire Weight Loss!


8 thoughts on “Speed Up Your Metabolism – Let Your Body Do the Work

  1. What a great topic on body metabolism. Thanks for educating us on another healthy way if keeping fit and staying in shape. Keeping fit and staying in shape is quite a tedious task, but is desired by almost everyone. Reading this article and seeing that starvation or eating less than usual is not necessary is fantastic and exciting. But are there foods that aids and speed up metabolism?

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Spicy foods usually help (cayenne, black pepper, etc), along with mustard seed.

      Green tea definitely helps.

      You can also eat foods like cabbage and celery that BURN more calories than they contain, just to break them down.

  2. This was a very interesting way to introduce and explain all that metabolism entails and I certainly learnt a lot about it from reading your article and I’m really grateful that you are sharing this article. Before now I had only a surface knowledge and understanding of what metabolism is but no more. 

    1. Thanks for reading!

      Feel free to look around the rest of the site. The goal of the whole site is metabolism stabilization and optimization.

      MetaFire = Metabolism Fire

      Have a great day!

  3. You touched on all the issues that seem to concern us as adults.: the diet, the exercise, the maintenance, and the emotions that go along with these categories. I have tried many weight loss programs, and now understand that taking off weight is easier than keeping weight off. That is because when you finally get that slim figure, if you mind and your habits remain the same as they were before, you will gain back the weight. So it is really a balance of getting the pounds or inches down, and at the same time making sure that you don’t feel deprived. For instance, I love what exercise does for me, but I am not good at jumping into the workouts, so recently I left the gym, and started working out with an African dance group. You have to find what works. Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. You hit it perfectly.

      Habits can easily change when you find great ones that you enjoy to replace the bad ones. If you dont find something to fill the void, what you’ve always done will be what you always do.

      Welcome to the MetaFire Life!

  4. Hi Tyler,

    You’ve nailed it as far as I’m concerned.

    As someone who has a number of years experience in Exercise and Nutrition, I think it’s great that you’ve pointed out in the most simplest manner what many people unfortunately miss when it comes to getting into great shape.

    There does seem to be an obssession with “losing weight”, but as you quite rightly point out, we should be far more focused on burning body fat.

    I think a fantastic example of what you allude to here about the metabolism is that many people believe that starving themselves is the ideal way to lose weight.

    I’ll admit that initially you may lose some weight on a “starvation” diet, but this is more likely to come from lean muscle, as the body thinks it is “starving” so it holds onto stores of fat to potentially use for energy later.

    This whole process, as you quite rightly point out, pretty much kills the metabolism and our “steam engine” is no longer able to do its job properly.

    Great job Tyler, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said here, time to get the message out to the masses.


    1. Hello Partha,

      We very rarely receive such insightful and informed comments and it is extremely appreciated.
      It is quite clear that you know what you are talking about and have the experience you claim. It is a simple concept, but one that most just don’t know (through no fault of their own other than not researching).
      The problem, as with most issues that people have problems with, is that we learn what we learn and believe that is the whole truth. Sometimes, “our truth” gets perfectly in the way of learning new things because the new information just doesn’t line up with what we think is true.
      Our goal here at MetaFire Nutrition is to provide the information required in a way that makes sense according to false truths that have been passed down over generations.
      Fill in the blanks and a person finds change.

      Again, thank you for reading and contributing,


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