How to Get Started

How to Start When You Like to Talk


Most businesses that you can start similar to MetaFire Ambassador will come with certain rules.


Usually, those rules include:

  • Do NOT use social media
  • Do NOT explain over the phone
  • ONLY tell people in person

We do recommend talking to people in person to build faster, but this is a different world.


Those rules apply to old school sales thinking.


Does it work? Yes.


But so do other ways.


The easiest way to find the most customers long-term is to do the work once and have it work for you over and over.


We aren't going to write and post hundreds of articles to tell you how to do this, because we know a better way.


Henry Ford once said, “I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.”


We take that a step further and find the best.


Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."


That means learning from the experience of others instead of wasting time learning it for yourself.


That makes success much easier and faster.


I'm sure you've been on YouTube.


You can find reviews, how-to's and just about anything else about a product.


Those videos all have links in the description just like the ones you give to people as a MetaFire Ambassador.


The video creator or owner gets paid if you watch their video, click their link and buy the product.


To learn the best there is to know about online marketing, there is a fact, this website is hosted there.


More on that later.





When you start getting known on YouTube, have subscribers and natural traffic, it is not unusual for one good video to have 2,500 viewers per year (viral videos have much more).


Usually, with any type of online traffic, the magic number for conversions (people who buy what you want them to) is around 4%.


2,500 x 4% = 100 Customers per year.


If you are focusing on Weight Loss (recommended), that means EACH good video will increase your income by around $800.79/Month every year (bonuses will be different for each additional 100 customers).


It is recommended to post at least one video per week to keep momentum on YouTube (which keeps you at the top of searches).


They might not all be videos to sell products.


Sometimes, a video that helps someone with information leads to them subscribing and watching more of your videos, which eventually leads to a Customer.


Building trust is key.


Being a MetaFire Ambassador always means help first, product later.



Team Work


You can make videos to find team members.


Videos explaining why being a MetaFire Ambassador is a good idea will lead to people joining your team.


You can use a script similar to what you are reading now, but make sure it is in YOUR OWN WORDS.


YouTube will not give you a good rating if you copy any part of someone else's work.


Also, make sure the information that you give is ACCURATE.


People will not stay on your team if it appears that you have lied to them.


Following the example above, each video theoretically should achieve 100 Team Members per year if they get 2,500 visitors.


Chances are, the number will be lower for Team Members.


It is much harder to get someone to DO something than it is to get them to BUY something.


Your goal should be one new active Team Member per month.





We will look at the results after one year.


The work involved:

  • Make at least one video per week targeting Customers
  • Make at least one video per month targeting Team Members
  • Keep your information organized

Add all of this up and it should be about 4 hours of work per week (plus editing, etc). More work will get you to your goals faster.


Let's say that 1/4 of your videos get 2,500 viewers per year (don't expect every video to get the same results).


2,500 x 4% x 12 = 1,200 Customers per Year

2,500 x 0.4% x 3 = 30 Team Members per Year


That is the growth you will have after a year. Those videos will keep working forever as long as you keep your standing with YouTube.


Here are the totals during the year of work (if all Customers and Team Members stay):


  1. 8 Customers, 0 Team Members
  2. 25 Customers, 2 Team Members
  3. 50 Customers, 4 Team Members
  4. 83 Customers, 6 Team Members
  5. 125 Customers, 9 Team Members
  6. 175 Customers, 13 Team Members
  7. 233 Customers, 18 Team Members
  8. 300 Customers, 23 Team Members
  9. 375 Customers, 28 Team Members
  10. 458 Customers, 34 Team Members
  11. 550 Customers, 41 Team Members
  12. 650 Customers, 49 Team Members



Realistic Expectations


It's nice to see the potential, but while you are building your business, it helps to keep you focused if you manage your expectations.


Month 1 will most likely not look like it does above from your YouTube channel alone. That is why we recommend talking to people you know to get started. It also gives you experience for what to say or not to say.


YouTube takes time to trust new members.


Your online work is for the long-term. You are building your future.


Not getting results immediately does NOT mean you are doing it wrong. Just keep moving forward.


Also, not every Customer and Team Member will stay. Someone leaving does NOT mean you failed.


It just isn't for them.


That's okay. You'll find another one.



The Community


The community that makes it possible to learn and do all of this has been helping people since 2005.


Included in the community:

  • Web hosting
  • Training courses
  • Weekly webinars
  • Live chat (ask a question, it gets answered in seconds)
  • FAQ
  • An SEO research tool
  • A content editor

Also, you can start everything for free.


You have the ability to build a website for free and complete the first half of the training.


When you are ready to complete the training and use your own domain, the cost (which is claimed as a business expense) is cheaper than paying for only website hosting and an SEO research tool elsewhere.


They are the best and that is why we trust them.


Even though you will most likely be focusing on YouTube, the training you will receive is worth months of searching and thousands of dollars of courses. Take advantage of a good thing. Also, you can build a blog site that links to all your videos, giving you even more traffic.


Click here to go to Wealthy Affiliateand sign up for your free account.



What You Need To Know


In order to be able to tell people why something is worth their time or money, you need to know why yourself.


Familiarize yourself with the following:

  • MetaFire Life - the information side that explains how to stabilize metabolism and have it do the work to reach body goals. It would be a good idea to sign up for the Free 5-Day Plan that pops up so you know what people will be learning.
  • MetaFire Nutrition - the product side that offers different products for different results. Familiarize yourself with each product. It is a good idea to sample each product so you are believable and honest.



Now that you know how to get started, get to it!