MetaFire Compensation Plan

How Will You Get Paid?

Let us show you how you will be making over $4,000 / Month this time next year for about 3 hours a week!




Let's say you have a conversation with a person you often see at the gym.


You talk to them for a few minutes about their work, hobbies and family.


You get to their goal at the gym and ask if they use any supplements.


You recommend the product and send them to your link (if you buy business cards, you claim it as an expense on your income tax).


They purchase the product.


You make 7% (before shipping and tax) every month they purchase!


For this example, they chose Weight Loss products and followed the recommendation on MetaFire Weight Loss.


At the time of writing this, the recommended Weight Loss pack has a subtotal of $92.97 USD.


Every month, you receive $6.51 USD for having one conversation.


(All transactions take place in USD)



Before going any further, think about this:

2/3 of the population of Canada and the US are considered overweight or obese.

That is approximately 245 million people that need your help.





1 conversation = Weight Loss pack = $6.51 / Month


10 successful conversations / Month = 120 Customers / Year


120 x $6.51 = $780.95 / Month after a year for about 2 hours a week!


If you have 10 successful conversations a week, that's $3,384.11 / Month!


(The rest of the examples will assume minimal effort: 10 Customers per month)



Team Work


When you become a MetaFire Ambassador, you are an independent business owner, but that doesn't mean that you have to work alone.


You are able to work as a team.


If you are (or choose to become) a good leader, this is the perfect path for you.


Let's keep going with the same example.


The person that signed up for the Weight Loss package gives you a call a month later and wants to know how you got started.


You set up a coffee meeting (a business expense).


By the end of the second conversation, your customer wants to be on your team.


You sign them up for their MetaFire Business and they go tell everyone they know about their progress over the last month.


(Side note: It's a great idea to offer your customers something for "before and after" pictures that you will be allowed to share. A bottle of MetaVite is worth the cost (also a business expense) if you have a customer stick around for 6 months telling everyone how great your product is and it gives them added incentive to prove it works for you.)


Ten people that they talk to the first month decide that they want the same results your Team Member is getting and they each invest in the same Weight Loss products.


Your Team Member gets paid 7% and you get paid 3% every month!





Month 1


You found 10 Customers and 1 Team Member

Your Team didn't find any Customers


10 x $6.51 = $65.08 / Month


Month 2


You found 10 more Customers and 1 Team Member (included in Customers)

Your Team Member found 10 Customers at 3%


20 x $6.51 = $130.16 / Month (Total Customers and Team Members that purchase)


$92.97 x 3% = $2.79 (per Team Member's Customer)


10 x $2.79 = $27.89 / Month


$130.16 + $27.89 = $208.05 / Month for about 16 hours of conversations and 4 hours of team meetings!



Month 3


Your Personal Referrals = 30 Customers + 3 Team Members Total


 Your Team Referrals = 30 Customers at 3%


30 x $6.51 = $195.24 (Customers and Team Members)


30 x $2.79 = $83.70 (Team Member's Customers)


$195.24 + $83.70 = $278.94 / Month for about 24 hours of conversations and 8 hours of team meetings!



Extended Team


Part of being a leader is showing your followers how to get to where you are.


That means that each of your Team Members can start a team.


When this happens, it is your job to help them.


You will give them tips and point them in the right direction.


You will keep them focused and give them goals.


For your hard work, you will make 1% of your Team Members' Team's outputs.


Back to the example.


At the end of Month 3, your 3 Team Members start their teams.


They each find 1 Team Member from their Customer list.


They coach their new Team Members and help them each find 10 Customers of their own.






Month 4


Personal Referrals = 40 Customers, 4 Team Members

Team 1 = 60 Customers at 3%


Personal = $260.32 (Customers and Team Members)


Team 1 = $167.35 (Team Member's Customers)


$260.32 + $167.35 = $427.67 / Month for about 32 hours of conversations and 12 hours of team meetings!


Month 5


Personal = 50 C, 5 TM

T1 = 100 C at 3%, 3 TM

T2 = 30 C at 1%


Personal = $325.40


T1 = $278.91


$92.97 x 1% = $0.93 / Month for Each T2 Customer


T2 = $27.89


$325.40 + $278.91 + $27.89 = $632.20 / Month for about 40 hours of conversations and 16 hours of team meetings!



Month 6


P = 60 C, 6 TM

T1 = 150 C at 3%, 12 TM

T2 = 100 C at 1%


P = $390.47


T1 = $418.37


T2 = $92.97


Total = $901.81 / Month for about 48 hours of conversations and 20 hours of team meetings!



Month 7


P = 70 C, 7 TM

T1 = 210 C, 18 TM

T2 = 220 C


P = $455.55


T1 = $585.71


T2 = $204.53


Total = $1,245.80 / Month for about 56 hours of conversations and 24 hours of team meetings!


Month 8


P = 80 C, 8 TM

T1 = 280 C, 25 TM

T2 = 400 C


P = $520.63


T1 = $780.95


T2 = $371.88


Total = $1,673.46 / Month for about 64 hours of conversations and 28 hours of team meetings!




Month 12


P = 120 C, 12 TM

T1 = 660 C, 63 TM

T2 = 1,920 C


P = $780.95


T1 = $1,840.81


T2 = $1,785.02


Total = $4,406.78 / Month after a year!


That would be a total of 96 hours of conversations and 44 hours of team meetings!


$4,406.78 / Month for 140 hours of your time!



Target Bonuses


Added to the commissions you make for your hard work are bonuses. Target bonuses can be achieved even if you don't build a team and only refer customers.


Target Bonuses are to reward your personal effort.


When you reach certain levels of customer purchases per month, you become eligible for target bonuses.


The bonuses continue every month that you are eligible.


The levels are as follows:


  • Bronze Level - 25 Customer orders in a single month = $50.00 Bonus
  • Silver Level - 50 Customer orders in a single month = $100.00 Bonus
  • Gold Level - 100 Customer orders in a single month = $250.00 Bonus
  • Platinum Level - 300 Customer orders in a single month = $1,000.00 Bonus

That means when you have 300 Customers ordering the Weight Loss pack in one month, you get:

  • $1,952.37 for your 7% commission
  • $50 for reaching Bronze
  • $100 for reaching Silver
  • $250 for reaching Gold
  • $1,000 for reaching Platinum

That totals $3,352.37 every month that you have 300 Weight Loss packs!



Leader Bonus


Any Platinum Level Ambassador that achieves the most Customer orders AND has a Team 1 of at least 10 Members out of the entire MetaFire Team in a 6 month period (January 1 to June 30 or July 1 to December 31) will be awarded the Diamond Ambassador Award.


The Diamond Ambassador Award means you will be featured on MetaFire Life, receive an award and...









7% for any Customer or Team Member you referred that places an order.

3% for any Team 1 Member's Customer or Team Member that places an order.

1% for any Team 2 Member's Customer or Team Member that places an order.


Target Bonuses


(Each level receives the previous levels as well)

$50 and Bronze Ambassador status for 25 personal orders (your Customers) in one month.

$100 and Silver Ambassador status for 50 personal orders in one month.

$250 and Gold Ambassador status for 100 personal orders in one month.

$1,000 and Platinum Ambassador status for 300 personal orders in one month.


Diamond Ambassador Award


$10,000, you are featured on and receive an award for your achievement of having:

  1. The most orders of any Platinum Ambassador
  2. Your Team 1 is at least 10 Members

between January 1st and June 30th OR July 1st and December 31st.



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