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How is a MetaFire Business Different?


Let's take a quick look at where most people are. Maybe this isn't you, but a lot of people fall into this category:


John gets up at 6 a.m. to go to work five days a week, gets home around 5:30 p.m., eats, showers and sleeps.


He gets through his five days and his "weekend" starts.


The first day is for catching up on buying groceries, paying bills, cleaning the car, getting gas, stuff around the house, etc.


That night, he decides to do something fun, so he takes his "extra" money and goes somewhere.


He relaxes a little bit the next day, then it all starts again.



Sound familiar?


We are taught to do this by people that don't.


They tell us that we need to choose a career, go to college to become "qualified" while going in debt, work hard for 25% of our time for 40 years...to not be broke.


Meanwhile, they sit in an office and reap the benefits of our work.


Do you think you get paid what you deserve?


Let's change that.



What if you could work hard for a few months, then get paid for that work over and over?



Most people that work get paid an hourly wage or a salary.


This means you sell them a certain number of your hours. You get paid once, then you have to sell them more of your time.


MetaFire Nutrition Ambassadors get paid residual income.


That means that you build an INCOME, not a paycheque.


Every little bit of work that you do creates an income that keeps paying you.


If your work continues to help us grow, you continue to get paid for it. Period.



What is the work that needs to be done?


We have a product line. That means we need customers.


Your responsibility as a MetaFire Nutrition Ambassador is to believe in our product and pass that belief onto others.


How you pass the belief along will depend on the type of person you are. Everyone works their own way best.


It will all be a version of a conversation. Making it possible for the other person to get new information that they didn't have before.


The better you get at having these conversations, the more customers that belong to you, the more money you make.


We will also help you to supercharge your residual income by setting up your work to run on auto-pilot, freeing up even more of your time while allowing you to continue growing your income!