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Main Meal Recipes for the MetaFire Life

When it comes to living the MetaFire Life, your main meal is the most satisfying part of your day. You get to enjoy the experience of a delicious meal and you want to make sure it is perfect.

We have collected recipes from various places in order to make sure you always have a main meal worth eating.

We will be linking to other sites, in order for you to get the original, unedited recipe. All linked recipes will open in a new tab.

Burrito Bowl with Chipotle Black Beans

– Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Burrito Bowl
Jennifer Joyce

Burritos are delicious. The problem usually comes along with the giant tortilla that is needed to wrap all the excellent ingredients. Tortillas may seem like a healthier option than eating a sandwich, but there are actually more carbs in a large tortilla than there is in two, sometimes even four, slices of bread.

To get past this problem, we kept all of the flavours and got rid of most of the carbs with this incredible burrito bowl. The recipe is for 2 bowls of 574 calories each, so feel free to add some salsa or a teaspoon of fat-free sour cream!

Keep in mind, this still has 72 g of carbs with 16 g of protein, since it has rice and beans. This meal is better earlier in the day.