Under 250 – Breakfast Snacks

Breakfast Recipes for the MetaFire Life

While we do recommend in the MetaFire Weight Loss section that you should only start eating at 10 am (women) or 12 pm (men), breakfast foods are delicious any time of day. The following are recipes that we have found to make it easier to stay within the proper portion sizes and keep your metabolism burning hot. Live the MetaFire Life and enjoy food!

Each of the following recipes is under 250 calories per portion, which follows our plans perfectly for enjoying at “snack” times. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We will be linking to other sites, in order for you to get the original, unedited recipe. All linked recipes will open in a new tab.

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Casserole
MyRecipes.com, CookingLight.com
Photo Credit: Oxmoor House

To do these well, you will need some single portion casserole dishes. Most dollar stores carry them, so they are easy to find.

Since these are made to be single portions, it is very easy to stay on track. These delicious breakfast casseroles are about 245 calories each (the composition of each may vary), have a little bit of spice heat to them, and the healthier choice of turkey sausage.

These are great for pre-workout meals, with collagen from the eggs, 18.5 g of protein and 20.4 g of carbs to keep you going.

Southwestern Omelet

Southwestern Omelet
MyRecipes.com, CookingLight.com
Photo Credit: Randy Mayor

Californian Mexican food is one of the most popular restaurant meals in North America (nothing will ever beat pizza from being #1). This omelet is simple and gives you what you would expect from the Southwest.

We happen to love cilantro, so we add a bit more, chopped, to the filling. You can keep this recipe fresh and interesting for a long time with the variety of salsas that have become available, like Mango Lime (delicious).

This recipe is made to be two portions, 181 calories each, with an excellent 20.2 g of protein.

(Light) Breakfast Pizza

Light Breakfast Pizza
MyRecipes.com, CookingLight.com
Photo Credit: Randy Mayor; Melanie J. Clarke

Since we brought up pizza being the number one food in North America (the world, really), we found this deliciously healthy breakfast pizza to add to our list.

This one does take some planning since most people don’t have shredded potatoes in their freezer and chances are, you don’t have a spare 12 ounces of turkey sausage laying around.

Once you have all the ingredients together, though, it is quite easy to make and definitely worth it. Think pizza-style quiche with 203 calories and 15.4 g of protein.

Leek-and-Bacon Tart

Leek and Bacon Tart
-MyRecipes.com, CookingLight.com

Leeks are packed with Vitamins A, C and K, are a good source of iron and manganese. They also taste great (milder, mellower onion).

For this recipe, you combine that nutritional powerhouse with bacon. Yes, bacon. This quiche (minus the cheese) gives you 8 servings of 213 calories. We prefer the simpler method mentioned near the end of using Pillsbury (or similar) premade piecrust. It’s just faster. It does add a few calories, but it stays below 250 per serving.

Emily’s Famous Hash Browns

Emily's Famous Hash Browns

For anyone that absolutely loves potatoes, this is the perfect breakfast style snack. Add ketchup (or your favourite hot sauce), and enjoy two of these incredibly crispy, mouth-watering hash browns with only 183 calories! (We made our batch into 8 equal-sized hashbrowns).

If you can find some refined coconut oil (no taste or smell but same benefits), as we did, it makes these perfect every time!

Keep in mind that these only have 4.7 g of protein for 26.1 g of carbs, so these should be an occasional meal only or as a side for your main meal.

Fluffy French Toast

Fluffy French Toast

French toast is about as close to dessert as you can get in breakfast food. It is usually a combo of cinnamon and vanilla, mixed with the crispy outside and warm, moist inside of each delicious bite. Keep in mind with this recipe that the calorie count does not include syrup (we know that sucks), but if you omit the white sugar from the batter mix, you can use the equivalent of powdered sugar on top and keep the same calorie value (1 Tbsp for 12 pieces).

Life is about moderation and compromise, right?